Our professional, caring staff are available for you 24 hours every day, We will support, advise and guide you to ensure that the funeral arrangements are easy to understand. Your loved ones funeral will be conducted with courtesy and dignity. The arrangements will meet with your exact requirements and expectations.

Whilst other Funeral Service Providers offer a whole host of funeral options – each at an additional cost, we offer those same options – but they are covered by the all-inclusive price. We even allow you to select the coffin finish and handles, if you wish, at no exra charge.

We offer three inclusive funerals:

The Lilac Funeral  (Coffin - Printed wood effect veneer exterior)  £2,600
The Rose Funeral      (Coffin - Wood veneer exterior)      £2,900
The Orchid Funeral (Coffin - Solid wood or custom made*)  £3,200

* excludes some American-style caskets

Judge for yourself ...our funerals include any of the items listed below as required:

Other funeral directors
Funeral Director's Charges
average charge 
Our charge
Hearse  £350  included
Pallbearers  £160  included
Limousine  £200  included
Funeral Arrangements and professional fees  £1,500  included
Collection & Care of the Deceased Person  £800  included
Coffin  from £300 to £2,500  included
Coffin Handles  £15 - £25  included
Coffin Fittings  £10 - £50  included
Name Plate  £20  included
Embalming Service  £90  included
Reception into Church or Home  £150  included
Weekend Funeral  £200  included
Attendance at burial of ashes  £30  included
Funeral Venue  £150 - £300  included
Funeral Director Officiates  £160  included
Cremation Charges
Crematorium Fee  £450 - £700  included
Doctors' Certificates (2 required at £82 each) £164 included
Minister's Fee £195 included

Burial Charges Reimbursement:

If you choose a burial, we will reimburse £800 towards the grave purchase and interment fee from our charges.

All-inclusive price includes:
All the essential requirements for carrying out the arrangements and providing the funeral; Coffin; Hearse; Limousine; Funeral Director; Coffin Bearers; Crematorium Fee; Minister's Fee and Doctors' Cremation Certificates.

External costs not covered:
Flowers; Obituaries; Order of Service Printing; Church Fees; Weekend Crematorium Charge; Burial Fees and Burial Plot.

We are also able to offer an historic venue which is ideally suited for a funeral service; appropriate for either a small attendance / private funeral or for the largest gathering (500 plus attendees).

Time can be built in to welcome and greet the attendees before the service and to speak to them afterwards. Catering and refreshments can also be arranged before and after the service.

Any further requirements, please ask.

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